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Omar Rajeh & MaHa Group: Zaafaran

“For us, there are some links to the tradition, some links to everyday life in Tehran, but definitely the core of the work is how we see things today, and this specific theme of sacrifice in us, in all its layers.”

Zaafaran, a performance by Lebanese choreographer Omar Rajeh and Iranian dance company MaHa,  was shown as a part of Moving in November -festival at Kiasma Theatre. Rajeh has worked in Beirut with his own company Maqamat since 2002 and has influenced widely the development of contemporary dance in Lebanon and its surroundings.

Janina Rajakangas and Tuomas Laitinen are discussing with Omar Rajeh and the dancers Mitra Ziaee Kia and Mostafa Shabkhan from MaHa Group.

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