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Moving in November 2019 – Radio Salon 1: Eleanor Bauer and Mart Kangro

“Can I please inherit another truth? Or make one? Or let’s take apprenticeship with other cultures that maybe did it better? And don’t have this problem where dance doesn’t have to be a lesser form.”

“This is something I like to work with – to tease you. To make it clear that you shouldn’t believe everything I’m saying. Don’t drop your guard.”

In November 2019 the second series of Radio Salons organized in collaboration with Moving in November Festival was and will be realized. Radio Salons are small-scale public events in which Esitysradio discusses with the artists of the festival.

Radio Salon is a space for dialogues that have no time to sprout in foyers before or after shows, or are swallowed by the noise of festival clubs. In the Salon we discuss the program of the festival with the participating artists with both critical and collegial intensions in an intimate setting.

In the first Radio Salon of 2019, recorded on the 3rd of November, we hear choreographers Eleanor Bauer and Mart Kangro. Esitysradio is represented by Mira Kautto and a guest voice Anna Cadia.

The discussion was published in the early hours of Monday the 4th of November, but removed from the website during the same day due to politically sensitive material. On Tuesday the 5th of November the episode was re-published as an edited version, from which this material was removed. In the context of Esitysradio this is exceptional, since the discussions are as a rule published unedited. The edit is located in 01:01:49.

The second Salon will take place on the 7th of November at 7.30pm, with Dana Michel, Neil Callaghan and Janina Rajakangas as guests.

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