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Month: February 2020

Sorour Darabi: Savušun سووشون

“I try to play with them and find a way to transform them into a queer ceremony”

Dancer and choreographer Sorour Darabi visited Sidestep Festival in Helsinki in February 2020 with the solo performance Savušun سووشون. Discussing with Darabi are Janina Rajakangas and Mira Kautto.

Information about the content: in parts of the episode sexual violence is discussed.

Joel Teixeira Neves & Matilda Aaltonen: Voyer

“As a performer I challenge my own boundaries when it is pleasent to me.”

In February 2020 Voyer, a performance by Reality Research Center, premiered in Sidestep Festival at Zodiak Center for New Dance. This was already the third premiere, as the previous versions of the show were realized at the Theatre Academy of the Uniarts Helsinki (2017) and Riveria Vocational Institute in Outokumpu (2019). Discussing with directors Joel Teixeira Neves and Matilda Aaltonen and performer Ronja Syvälahti are Mira Kautto and Janina Rajakangas. Discussion is in Finnish.

Teemu Mäki & Maija Nurmio: Éliane

“I remember really well the first listening experience. Because it was so corporeal and I felt nauseous.”

In January 2020 Éliane, a dance piece by Teemu Mäki and Maija Nurmio, was performed at Mad House Helsinki. Éliane is based on Éliane Radiques musical composition I’Île Re-sonante and her thinking. Discussing with Mäki and Nurmio are Mira Kautto and Janina Rajakangas. Discussion is in Finnish.